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Inevitable: The Future of Work

Among the most underestimated talent out there are the people you employ right now! That's kinda nuts. Jeff Schwartz, a future of work expert who contributes its ongoing study as an advisor to Deloitte, VP of Insights & Impact at Gloat, Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School [my old job ;-)], and author of books including "Work Disrupted," helps us understand how and why we should be recruiting internally. The bridge is not too far, but we do need to make the effort to cross it.


Hack the future

In the last 2-years, everything changed. People changed. Technology changed. The office changed. Priorities changed. And the way we lead and work changed. Today, I’m thrilled to meet Jeff Schwartz, Founding Partner of Deloitte’s Future of Work Practice, VP of Insights and Impact at Gloat, the talent marketplace pioneers and co-author of Work Disrupted: Opportunity, Resilience, and Growth in the Accelerated Future of Work. During our conversation, we unpack new ways to adapt pace and mindset to the new world of work and discover why leaders should not waste the biggest reframing moment of their lifetimes. As Jeff says: "In order to change the game, you need to make game changing moves."
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This conversation is part of the Future of Work Pioneers Podcast. Today we are speaking with Jeff Schwartz, a principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP, is the US leader for the Future of Work and the US leader of Deloitte Catalyst, Tel Aviv, linking the Israeli startup ecosystem with global clients. Jeff advises senior business leaders at global companies on workforce transformation, organization, HR, talent, and leadership. He has been the global editor of Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends report since its launch in 2011. Jeff has lived in and led consulting practices in the United States, India, Belgium, Russia, and Kenya.

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Jeff Schwartz on his book, Work Disrupted

Off the Shelf by The Conference Board with Robin Erickson

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Jeff Schwartz (Principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP)

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Who Is Your Workforce: Past, Present & Future

Organizations both large and small alike, are finding it increasingly difficult to understand who exactly their workforce is, and how it is defined. The workforce has now developed into a complex ecosystem, with strategic orchestration required to align needs with outcomes.When designing a workforce framework to exist within this ecosystem, factors to take into consideration include strategic alignment, worker satisfaction and safety, optimizing productivity along with job security and workforce planning. More detail can be found in the infographic here.
In today’s podcast episode, Dyan Finkhousen and her co-host Vik Shyam sit down with Liz Altman and Jeff Schwartz, two of the co-authors of the new book ‘Workforce Ecosystems’, to discuss the changing nature of the workforce and how people and technologies can work together to create value.
Workforce Ecosystems: Reaching Strategic Goals with People, Partners, and Technologies.


The future of work is not really in the future. It’s now. And with the accelerated pace of change, leaders face tough new challenges.

But the future of work is not a problem to solve. It’s an opportunity to reimagine.

Now is the time for CEOs to reframe the questions they’re asking–to influence how people are even thinking about the questions.

In this episode, Gayle Lantz speaks with Jeff Schwartz, author of WORK DISRUPTED, about reframing the future of work.

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Open Assembly, Work Podcast.
with Jeff Schwartz,
VP Insights and Impact at Gloat

This episode of the WORK podcast features future of work expert Jeff Schwartz. Jeff is a Senior Advisor in the Future of Work at Deloitte Consulting, author of the book WORK DISRUPTED, an Adjunct Professor Columbia Business School and last year was named the Vice President of Insights and Impact at Gloat.

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Jeff Schwartz: Work Disrupted

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Jeff Schwartz, Deloitte’s Future of Work leader, author of WORK DISRUPTED with action plans for 2021

The Change Alchemist

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